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Potteries Photography Club is a friendly club a couple of miles from the City Centre, Stoke on Trent. We have members of all ages with varying skills in photography, from beginners to professional. We have a varied program (please see our diary page for more information), with visiting quality speakers, organised photoshoots and presentations by members on photography and digital editing. We are also members of the MCPF.

Each month we hold ‘Photo of the Month’ where all members can submit four photos, the whole club votes and the winner earns much kudos. Please see the slideshow above for the latest winners and check out our gallery to see previous winners. The gallery also contains members’ pages where they have an opportunity to showcase six of their best photos.

We meet every Thursday night from 7pm until 9pm at Marychurch Centre, St Marys Hall, 153 Werrington Rd, Stoke-on-Trent, ST2 9AQ. Membership is £20 per year plus £2.50 for the club nights that you attend only. The first night is FREE! (It’s usually in Room 3, use the bottom door by the carpark).

Latest News And Articles

Buying Guide for Photographers

Buying Guide for Photographers

by Andy Pickford When anyone starts out in photography, we all make mistakes. We look at equipment on the internet and think “That looks like a good idea”, it arrives and then start to use it and find it might not be all we hoped it could be.  I want to try and help...

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We Came We Saw We Conquered.

We Came We Saw We Conquered.

by Glyn Wade Sort of..... There was panic amongst the competition-centric clubs of Staffordshire when they heard the terrifying news that Willfield were finally entering their first ever interclub competition. This didn't quite match the panic amongst our members, but...

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Our Galleries

Galleries of individual members, Photo of the Month/Year winners and club trips.

POTM January 2024, 1st Place by Helen Wilding
POTM March 2023, 3rd Place by Louise Jones
1st place by Andy Pickford - POTM Jan 23
2nd by Dave Kitson - POTM November 22
1st place by Jason Bould - POTM January 2019
1st place by John Appleyard - POTM November 2018
1st place by Keith Clowes - POTM January 2018
2nd place by Sudhi - POTM January 2017

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Inspirational Quotes From Club Members

“Photography allows us to capture the beauty of fleeting moments and make them eternal.”

Emily R

“Through my lens, I see the world in a way that reminds me of its endless wonders.”

Alex P

“Every single photo tells a unique story, and every beautiful story is a journey worth taking.”

Jamie L

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Potteries Photography Club currently has spaces for new members. The first night is free, just so that you can come and get to know us. Membership costs just £20 per year, and then £2.50 for each club night that you attend (you don’t need to pay for the nights you are unable to join us). If we are on location then we pay this fee on the next on site meeting.

If any member is absent for more than 3 months without notifying anyone, then we will assume they will no longer wish to be a member and the place will be available to others wishing to join.

Please fill in the form to the left to contact our Membership Secretary regarding joining.